Steve Grossrieder

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director - JAX Tyres & Auto

20+ experience driving APAC growth, revenue diversification, product innovation and operational/supply chain optimisation, I have overcome a range of challenges to deliver exceptional revenue, EBIT and NPS performance across global markets. Core to my offering is delivering transformation that puts the customer right back at the heart of the business – at the helm of decision making and business execution. From successes in membership-based businesses to currently, as CEO of JAX Tyres & Auto, I am a passionate CX advocate and see genuine CX-led change as the only differentiator services business have today.

What unites my career and signifies my leadership style is leading outcomes through people. I know that a great working culture is key to business evolution and success. Likewise, from employees to partners, suppliers and franchisees, I believe that creating ‘one-team’ cultures that centre on an expectation of great service delivery is key to growth, turnaround and transformation. I bring a down-to-earth approach to leadership that secures buy-in through genuine connections and crystal-clear communications. As a leader, I don’t always focus on what’s ‘wrong’ but how to leverage key strengths to realise gains – promoting cultures united by a drive for customer-centric solutions, innovation, ideation and continuous improvement.