ABU DHABI DEpartment of culture and tourism

Booth: 36


Booth: 48 - 49

Brisbane AIrport Convention Centre

Booth: 19

Business Franchise

Booth: 59


Booth: 38 - 39

CROWN Hotels

Booth: 11

Crystal Display

Booth: 66


Booth: MYOB Tech Hub

Destination north coast

Booth: 9


Booth: 6

ER Strategies

Booth: 30 - 31

FCA Chief Executive Syndicate

Booth: 35


Booth: 32 - 33


Booth: 41

Franchise Buyer

Booth: 35

Franchise Cloud Solutions

Booth: 26 - 27


Booth: 64

Franchise Finance Australia

Booth: 69 - 70

Franchise Relationships Institutes

Booth: 57


Booth: 13


Booth: 72



Inside Franchise Business

Booth: 28


Booth: 7

King I.T.

Booth: 24

Kwik Kopy

Booth: 44

Lease Eagle

Booth: 46

Hawaii Tourism

Booth: 71

ICMI Speakers

Booth: 3

Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre

Booth: 34


Booth: MYOB Tech Hub

MYOB Loans

Booth: MYOB Tech Hub

Mystery Customer

Booth: 37

Northern Territory Convention Bureau

Booth: 21

Oscars Hotel

Booth: 12


Booth: 5


Booth: 20

Redback Connect

Booth: 47


Booth: 42 - 43


Booth: 56 & 58


Booth: 2

SEEK Business

Booth: 60 & 61

Shape Shopfitters

Booth: 4


Booth: 23


Booth: 67

SME Finance

Booth: 45

spectrum analysis

Booth: 29

Spotlight Reporting



Booth: 22

Task Retail

Booth: 62 - 63


Booth: 73

the marketing bungalow

Booth: 40


Booth: 25

Women In Franchising

Booth: 70

Workplace Assured

Booth: 65

Youtopia Technologies

Booth: 18




Sponsorship and exhibition at the National Franchise Convention provides you with the chance to align your brand with an event that attracts leaders and decision-makers in the franchise sector.

Concurrent Session

Brand, Reputation, Innovation – Recruiting Franchisees in the Changing Market

  • Facilitator: Sue Campbell (Franchise Right)
  • Panellists: Lisa Owen (Craveable Brands), James Young (DC Strategy), Allan Sweeney (Seek Business)

Concurrent Session

What Makes an Effective Compliance Program?

  • Facilitator: Tamra Seaton (MDS Legal)
  • Panellists: Fiona Wallwork (Maddocks), Matthew Webster (Norton Rose Fulbright)

Keynote Presentation

Business success is not a one-off event or a single “eureka” moment. It’s a continuous, step-by-step process of becoming better every day. Incremental change is the surest route to the top; though others may skip the climb in favour of a helicopter, those who earn the summit tend to stay longest. Come along to hear entrepreneur Nigel Collin discuss the Game of Inches, your straightforward roadmap to no-nonsense, long-term business success.
Nigel Collin

Nigel Collin

Change & Leadership Expert


Jeremy Loeliger was appointed General Manager of the National Basketball League from 1 July 2015, and Chief Executive Officer from 2016. Since that time Mr Loeliger has overseen the League’s commercial transformation, establishing the foundations for a successful and sustainable future for professional basketball in Australia. Before joining the NBL, Mr Loeliger was a partner of a national law firm, practising corporate and commercial law with a focus on mergers and acquisitions and capital markets, but also including a successful niche sports law practice. Mr Loeliger also sits on the Executive Committee of the Victorian Chapter of the Australia China Business Council, and is a champion of Sino-Australian trade and the important role of sports diplomacy.

Jeremy Loeliger

CEO, National Basketball League

NextGen in Franchising

The NextGen in Franchising program is the beginning of an evolving dialogue with young entrepreneurs to empower them as business leaders for the future. The Franchise Council of Australia have selected some of Australia’s best submissions in this year’s global competition to have the opportunity to showcase their brand on stage in front of the National Franchise Convention audience. What better way to gain exposure and feedback at the early stages of the franchising journey. Also hear from a panel of past participant in the program as they share what being NextGen has done for their business.

Keynote Presentation

How to harness the Millennial Mindset to unlock our future.

How are you going to serve the customers, team and employees of your future? What’s worked over the last 10 years isn’t going to work for the next decade, so we need strategies to work with an increasingly younger workforce for succession planning and growth targets.

Join Nicole Hatherly as she outlines the top five attributes of a Millennial Mindset, how to innovate for success working with multi generational workers, and how to embrace a world where Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants meet in our future workforce.
Nicole Hatherly 28

Nicole Hatherly

Happiness Concierge

Closing Keynote

Becoming the Best Version of Yourself
Born with a tumour wrapped around his spinal cord and without the use of his legs, Dylan was able to beat the odds and achieve more than the doctors ever thought he would, thriving into one of Australia’s most recognisable and successful Paralympians. Dylan is the epitome of making the most out of the situation you are given, and thrives on showing others the importance of focusing on the things that you can control in order to live a full and incredible life.

Dylan Alcott OAM


Keynote Presentation

A bit about Boost
Janine Allis is not your everyday self-made businesswoman. She grew her juice and smoothie empire in 2000 from her kitchen bench, to an international success story – with 500 stores in 13 countries (and counting), Boost Juice is a household name! But her path has been anything but ordinary. “I’ve had no formal business training, just a simple common sense approach to business. I did not know what the traditional path looked like so I made it up along the way” she admits. Janine’s philosophy is simple – if she can do it, anyone can.

janine Allis

Founder, Boost Juice


Michele Levine was born with a passion for people and what makes them tick, social justice and an insatiable curiosity about life.

With over 30 years’ experience as a researcher, Michele has been responsible for thousands of surveys, including many of the largest research projects ever undertaken in Australia, many of which continue to play a critically important part in shaping our society today.

With a fundamental belief in the empowering value of information, Michele was instrumental in the development and refinement of Roy Morgan Single Source, the world’s leading consumer study (based on over 50,000 interviews a year) and, in 2010, the introduction of the Roy Morgan Business Survey.

Michele was ahead of her time in foreseeing the exponential growth of Big Data and, consequently the need for software (like ASTEROID) which can manage and order massive volumes of data – as well as the need for highly trained analysts who can help make sense of it.

Michele levine

CEO, Roy Morgan

Keynote Presentation

Confronting the challenge and emerging stronger

7-Eleven CEO Angus McKay explains the comprehensive program of reform and remediation that has made the business an exemplar of how to address operational and compliance issues and better position the business for growth.

App Pay 114

Angus McKay

CEO, 7-Eleven

Concurrent Session

Data Privacy and Data Risk

  • Facilitator: Rebecca Bedford (Minter Ellison)
  • Panellists: Leah Mooney (Minter Ellison), Bronwyn Furse (Thomson Geer)

Concurrent Session

Digital Transformation in Franchise Systems – Keeping Up

  • Facilitator: Sean O’Donnell (HWL Ebsworth)
  • Panellists: Marshall Bromwich (Norton Rose Fulbright), Alexandra Coleman (Ray White)

Concurrent Session

Modernising your Franchise Agreement
  • Facilitator: Seva Surmei (DMAW Lawyers)
  • Panellists: Allison McLeod (HWL Ebsworth), Maija Kerry (Norton Rose Fulbright)

Concurrent Session

Franchise Class and Group Actions

  • Facilitator: Corinne Attard (Holman Webb Lawyers)
  • Panellist: Nigel Jone (Norton Rose Fulbright)

Concurrent Session

Joint Venture Models for Unit Franchises

  • Facilitator: Greg Hipwell (Maddocks)
  • Panellists: Leight Baring (Maddocks), Kirsty Silbert (Laser Clinics)

Concurrent Session

Practical Issues in Insolvency – First 30 Days

  • Facilitator: Nick Rimington (Norton Rose Fulbright)
  • Panellists: Steve Palmer (Norton Rose Fulbright), Michael Korda (KordaMentha)

Concurrent Session

How to Achieve a High Franchise Rating

  • Facilitator: Darryn McAuliffe (FRANdata)
  • Panellists: David Ridgeway (Quest Apartment Hotels), Anthony Moore (Tapcorp), Natalie Brennan (Muffin Break)

Concurrent Session

Good Corporate Governance

  • Facilitator: Jessica Reid (Maddocks)
  • Panellists: Craig Cawood (McDonalds), Gina Wilson (Maddocks)

Concurrent Session

How to Get Your Business Sale or Investment Ready

  • Facilitator: Brett Dingli (Craveable Brands)
  • Panellists: Matt Rowe (HWL Ebsworth), Danielle Keyes (Guzman y Gomez)

Concurrent Session

Impact of the Repeal of s.51(3) of the Competition and Consumer Act on Franchise Agreements

  • Speakers: Stewart Germann (Stewart Germann Law Office), Josh Simons (Thomson Geer)


Join up to 10 of your peers and a subject matter expert for an interactive discussion and the opportunity to share experiences, solve problems and gain practical advice on a range of hot franchising topics.

Concurrent Session

Why Franchisees Hate Technology Change and how to Overcome Their Fears

  • Speakers: Jason Gehrke (Franchise Advisory Centre), Simon Dennis (MYOB)

Concurrent Session

Communicating With Your Franchisees

  • Facilitator: Amber Manning (Just Cuts)
  • Panellists: Daniel Kim (Redback Connect), Drew Eide (Jamaica Blue), Evan Foster (Signarama)

Concurrent Session

Differentiating in a Crowded Market

  • Facilitator: Jewli Turner (Franchise Relationships Institute) 
  • Panellists: Crystal Petzer (Hire A Hubby; The Alternative Board), Juana Laucirica (Elders Insurance), Jolene Cutajar (Aussie Home Loans)

Concurrent Session

How are Franchises Meeting their Employment Compliance Obligations

  • Facilitator: Tracy Leak (Tracelle Enterprises)
  • Panellists: David Price (ER Strategies), Trudie Harriman (Craveable Brands), Paul Swain (Laser Clinics Australia)

Concurrent Session

Creating a Healthy Franchising Culture

  • Facilitator: Greg Nathan (Franchise Relationships Institute)
  • Panellists: Jo Clifford (Harcourts International), Brendan Green (Hire A Hubby)

Concurrent Session

Compliance Update – Best Practice Disclosure

  • Facilitator: Derek Sutherland (HWL Ebsworth)
  • Panellists: Kristie Piniuta (ACCC), Gabby Kelly (Bakers Delight), Raynia Theodore (MST Lawyers)

Concurrent Session

Disrupting the Digital Disruptors

  • Facilitator: Lawrence Pelletier (Redcat)
  • Panellists: Patty Gilchrist (Google), Carlos Antonius (Chatime), Maclean Cherry (Zip Co Limited)

Concurrent Session

Risk and Risk Management in Australian Franchising

  • Facilitator: Stephan Giles (Norton Rose Fulbright)
  • Panellists: Jake Bromwich (RAMS Home Loans), Kristen Hooke (Holden Australia; Norton Rose Fulbright)

Concurrent Session

Retail Leasing Challenges and Solutions

  • Facilitator: Bruce McFarlane (BlueRock Law)
  • Panellists: Ange Kondos (LeaseWise Group), Graham Terry (Ret Pro), Nick Patrick (Soul Origin)

Concurrent Session

The New Challenges in Marketing for Your Brand

  • Facilitator: Kelly Gaunt (The Marketing Bungalow)
  • Panellists: Tim Paton (Chatime), Sarah Brown (The Marketing Lab), Michelle Soper (Total Fitouts)

Day One Breakfast Keynote

Adapting to a Changing Environment Without Losing Your Values or Vision.

Pippa Hallas

CEO, Ella Baché