April Harwood

Chief Franchising Operations Officer - JAX Tyres & Auto

April Harwood brings over 25 years of experience to her role as Chief Franchising Operations Officer at JAX Tyres & Auto. Starting her journey as a franchisee, April utilises her deep-rooted understanding of and belief in the JAX model to proudly enable other families to establish and grow successful community-based businesses under the JAX brand.

Overseeing the Product & Marketing, Operations, Business Development and Property segments, April’s leadership style is defined by her commitment to collaboration and empowerment. Her practical and grounded approach drives both the success of her people and fosters a customer-centric culture across the network.

Some of April’s proudest achievements have been her integral role in the digital transformation of the JAX Group and her passion for creating opportunities for women in what is still viewed as a fairly male-dominated industry.