Selina Bridge

CEO - KX Pilates

Speeches by Selina Bridge

Selina Bridge is an accomplished leader in the health and fitness industry with a proven track record in marketing and relationship management.  After achieving a First Class  Honours degree in Business Administration from the University of Bath in 2003, her career began in the UK with experiences at Motorola and Puma, to a key role at one of London’s leading sports marketing agencies – Brand Rapport, managing the strategic partnership between Vodafone and the England Cricket Team. With a globally-driven career in marketing for international brands including BMW and Shell, Selina brings a strong skillset in managing brand reputation. In 2014, she renewed her passion for health and fitness as marketing manager, then General Manager, for Curves Oceania.  This is when her passion for franchising really developed.  KX Pilates founder Aaron Smith appointed her as CEO in 2018. Despite the challenges COVID has thrown upon the fitness industry, Selina has successfully grown the KX network from 50 studios to 100 in 2023.  Selina has also led KX’s international expansion with Master Franchise partnerships now in Jakarta,New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan as well as a Joint Venture in China.  Further expansion is on the cards as part of the company’s 5-year vision. A listener and creative thinker, Selina is dedicated to building relationships where the culture and values of the people involved are aligned, which makes her ideal as the balancing force between the KX Pilates brand and its Franchise Partners.  Selina is also a mother of two and believes that with the right support and mental attitude it is possible to enjoy a rewarding career and inspire and support her family along the way.