Michael Black

Founder & Managing Director of Success Tutoring

Michael is the founder of award winning and nationally recognised education franchisor, Success Tutoring which has positively impacted thousands of students and has provided everyday Aussies an opportunity to become their own boss. Michael is Australia’s youngest franchisor and was recently recognised as a Top 30 Franchise Executive in Australia.

Michael launched Success Tutoring from a spare room, without external investors and it has rapidly grown to become one of Australia’s fastest-growing education franchises. Under Michael’s leadership, Success Tutoring will launch 100+ sites in Australia and New Zealand by 2024.

In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Michael is actively involved in community service. He volunteered at the Rural Fire Service, demonstrating a commitment to public safety. Furthermore, he served as the president of the Patrician Brothers’ Old Boys union from 2020 to 2022, showcasing his dedication to fostering connections and contributing to the community.

Michael pursued his education at the University of Sydney, where he studied commerce and majored in commercial law and management. Furthering his entrepreneurial knowledge, Michael also studied Entrepreneurship at the Harvard Online Business School.