Jared Dawson

Founder - Brainiact

Speeches by Jared Dawson

Jared Dawson is the founder of Brainiact, an innovative business coaching company that is shaping the future of business support in Australia. Jared has over 16 years of executive experience leading industry giants like Motion Asia Pacific, James Hardie, and Iveco. A master in business strategy, sales, and marketing, Jared has successfully led multi-million-dollar budgets to drive strategic change, cultural success, organisational excellence and sustainable growth. At Brainiact, he uses his expertise to empower small and medium-sized business owners, guiding them towards achieving their dreams. Jared’s commitment to helping 10,000 business owners reach their potential is evident in his hands-on approach and dedication to their success. Beyond supporting his clients and expanding Brainiact through franchising, Jared loves to watch Premier League highlights and spend quality time with his family.