Dominique Lamb

Queensland Small Business Commissioner

Dominique Lamb assumed the role of Small Business Commissioner in December 2022. With a robust background in industrial relations and employment law, she brings a unique blend of legal expertise and advocacy skills to her position.

Dominique’s primary objective is to enhance the operating environment for small businesses in Queensland and to reduce the time and costs associated with resolving disputes involving small business. In her capacity as Commissioner, Dominique has embarked on a proactive engagement strategy, collaborating closely with governmental bodies, industry organisations, and regional stakeholders. One of Dominique’s notable achievements has been the significant expansion of the Small Business Friendly (SBF) Program, which now boasts participation from 47 Councils. Additionally, she has taken proactive steps to establish three new roundtables, providing platforms for industry representatives and regional stakeholders to voice their concerns and contribute to policy discussions.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Dominique is deeply committed to social causes, particularly those addressing domestic and family violence.