John Sully

Director - House of Golf

Jon, a former co-owner of the highly successful retail food chain Michel’s Patisserie, boasts a wealth of retail experience spanning every facet of the industry.

During his tenure managing Michel’s Victorian Operations and National Store Development, he spearheaded the expansion of the franchise network to an impressive 350 stores.

With over three decades of ownership across multiple brands, Jon has cultivated a deep understanding of retail, franchising, and commercial property, navigating the complexities and challenges with ease. Currently serving as a director of BDC Property and CEO of BDC Investments, Jon’s expertise extends beyond the realm of retail into various ventures.

He also holds positions as a director of House of Golf, advising on their advisory board, and lends his expertise to Arealytics.

Beyond his formal roles, Jon is an avid supporter and mentor to numerous businesses across diverse industries, guiding them toward growth, profitability, and success. With a passion for business and a penchant for wearing many hats, Jon thrives on the dynamic nature of entrepreneurship and involvement in various ventures.